Get Involved- NeighborLink Fort Wayne


Looking for a way to get involved, but aren’t sure where to start? Offering opportunities for the whole family, NeighborLink Fort Wayne is an organization built upon neighbors helping neighbors. It is hosting a winter training session this weekend for interested volunteers.

The Winter Training Series is an opportunity to gather and learn from each other. Taking these opportunities to learn how to love your neighbor well will better equip all us to serve our community. These sessions are more conversations than lectures.

Introduction to NeighborLink – Andrew Hoffman will share how NeighborLink was formed, how it all works and where the organization is heading in 2013 and beyond. It’s vital to know the philosophy and to learn where you fit into that story.

NeighborLink Coach Training – Andrew Hoffman will review what he thinks makes a great coach & provide you with tips for how to be a great leader at NL. The difference from a basic volunteer & a coach is only a mindset. Come learn what it takes.

How To Live in Tension Round Table – If you do enough projects at NeighborLink or engage in activities like what NL offers, you have experienced the tension of serving. A veteran NL Coach will lead a discussion on how to handle that tension so you can remain engaged in loving your neighbor.

How To Engage The Neighbor Asking For Help – This will be a discussion on how best to approach NeighborLink projects and how to engage the neighbor seeking assistance. NeighborLink wants to make sure they’re doing these projects with our neighbors, and not always for them. Come ready with the questions that you’ve held onto from your previous projects and join in the discussion.

Event Details

Saturday, March 6th  – 9:00am to Noon

NeighborLink Fort Wayne Office – 2826 S Calhoun St (Blue Jacket Building)

Coffee & Breakfast provided

Please RSVP! or 260.710.7611

Light The Sky With NeighborLink Fort Wayne – November 23rd

From Neighborlink’s Blog:

To the many in our community who’ve benefited from their good works, the volunteers of NeighborLink are a shining light – a beacon of care, compassion and support. Indeed, this year alone, NeighborLink volunteers have chosen to love their neighbors and help close to 600 city residents seeking assistance through our organization.

To honor those acts of support, and to celebrate these community beacons of hope, please join us as NeighborLink Fort Wayne holds our first celebration of neighbors helping neighbors. On Wednesday, November 23, we’re launching hundreds of lanterns into the sky at the courthouse lawn in downtown Fort Wayne. Each lantern will symbolize a relationship developed and, just as importantly, a need met.

Each individual project may be small, but collectively, the scale and scope of their impact on our community is profound. This event and celebration gives us the chance to visualize that impact and recognize the selfless efforts of these community beacons through NeighborLink Fort Wayne.

If you’ve volunteered with NeighborLink, been a recipient of a volunteer service, want to learn more about our organization, or simply want to celebrate how a neighbor has helped make your community a better place to live in the past year, join us in for this celebratory event.

Help NeighborLink light the sky to kick off our season of giving. 

Details:Date: Wednesday Nov 23rd (Part of the Fantasy of Lights)

Pickup Lantern Begins at 6:30pm – Launch Time at 7pm

You’ll be able to launch a lantern between 7 and 7:30pm

Location: Courthouse Lawn, Downtown Fort Wayne

Making it Easy

If you’ve got a bug to serve, there are many ways in which you can do so easily. Whether you’re thinking locally or globally, there are organizations, individuals and sites that will make the most of your time, talent, energy and resources to serve your community. Here are a few suggestions:


  • NeighborLink – an online match tool to connect volunteers with individuals with need. Everything from mowing or shoveling to replacing a roof, you register on their site and they will help you connect with service opportunities in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. (Outside of Fort Wayne? Check to see if there is a NeighborLink or similar organization in your area.) Follow @BeTheLink for more information.
  • – A website for people who work or volunteer at Fort Wayne, Indiana social service organizations! This site aims to keep you up to date and engaged with other people working to make our community a better place by sharing the latest news, discussions, job openings, events, and agency listings. They can also be found on Twitter at @cometogetherfw.
  • (260) 555 – xxxx – As simple as it may sound, pick up the phone and call a local organization to see how you might be able to help them. Which organization? I recommend connecting your time and talent with your passion. Has your family been impacted by a disease? Are you passionate about the future of our community (i.e. Our children)? There are many organizations that need your assistance. Choose wisely.


  • &you. – from Johnson & Johnson, “&you™ is a unique new digital tool for social good that takes volunteer and job opportunities, ways to donate, events and news, and brings them together in one place. So if you’re an individual, you’ll spend less time searching for the right opportunity to help, and more time making it happen. And if you’re a nonprofit, &you amplifies your outreach to volunteers, donors and other supporters.”

    How? If you’re an individual and you want to add a customizable widget (a small box) to your website, blog, or Facebook page, you’d start out by selecting your favorite causes and organizations to support. The widget will automatically refresh as new jobs, volunteer opportunities, events, and other updates that match your interests are posted on VolunteerMatch, GuideStar, Network for Good, DoSomething, and Idealist.

    You can also stay up to date with &you at and on Twitter @andyou.

  • Sparked – An online micro-volunteering network. This site allows busy people (aren’t we all?) to put in their skills and interest areas. You are then matched with nonprofits who have put in their needs. You select service opportunities you’re interested in creating a win-win for both you and the nonprofit. Follow them on Twitter at @Sparked.
  • Kiva – An example in micro-finance excellence. Microfinance offers people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to basic financial services such as loans, savings, money transfer services and microinsurance. Microfinance institutions are essentially crowdsourcing social good, as they connect investors with borrowers. As a lender, you can contribute small amounts to a particular project. For example, in a project where the individual is applying for a $125 loan to purchase more fruit to sell at her fruit stand in the Philippines, lenders can lend as little as $25 to help the cause. Learn more from them on Twitter at @Kiva.

What other resources do you suggest?

Andrew Hoffman Prepares for Race for Congo

Our friend Andrew Hoffman, executive director at NeighborLink Fort Wayne, will be participating in a cross-country bike ride the first week of August called Race for Congo. When I heard about his ambitions, I was awestruck. What an amazing feat for an amazing cause. As I’ve gotten to know Andrew over the course of the past year, this undertaking really comes as no surprise. He’s the type of guy who goes after things wholeheartedly when he believes in them. His story, not just as it pertains to Race for Congo, but in its entirety is inspiring. If you haven’t met him or heard him speak about his organization and the Race for Congo initiative, you are missing out.

For more on Race for Congo, let’s go straight to the source. Read Andrew’s blog post HERE.

Yes- I shamelessly stole this picture from his blog. I hope he won’t mind. Here he is all decked out in his Team NeighborLink Fort Wayne cycling gear.